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Product Liability Advocate

Phil Quaranta (NY Metro)

Phil Quaranta (NY Metro) Phil Quaranta is the leader of the firm's Asia practice team and a member of the Executive Committee. He has built his practice around an enviable record of success defending product liability, commercial and consumer cases. Phil is a trusted adviser who tackles each matter with immense enthusiasm, backed by the stamina and know-how to take it to a successful conclusion. For more than three years, Phil was managing partner of the firm’s Tokyo group and at one time was admitted to practice law in Japan as Gaikokuho Jimu Bengoshi.

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Pokémon GO: An Indicator of Product Liability in the App Economy

Posted in Product Liability, Technology and electronic products
As a big law firm involved in the defense of Product Liability cases, of course we are interested in how Product Liability law will evolve to address the App Economy. Mobile apps (apps) are software applications designed to work on smart phones or tablets. The consumer’s first introduction to apps were the “native apps” that… Continue Reading

Using a Special Needs Trust in the Settlement of a Product Liability Lawsuit

Posted in Product Liability
Product liability cases frequently involve severe and even catastrophic injuries.  As a result, product liability defense counsel and insurance adjusters must be familiar with the prospects for use of a special needs trust as a potential tool in the settlement of severe injury cases. Special needs trusts are frequently proposed as a component of the… Continue Reading

It’s the Mediator’s Form Agreement—Not Yours

Posted in General Litigation
Anyone with experience defending product liability claims has experience settling cases at mediation. Typically, a mediator will require the parties to sign a written mediation agreement prior to the mediation. Usually, the proposed agreement will state that the mediation is confidential. Some agreements are more detailed than others. Some go on to prohibit any attempts to… Continue Reading

My Structured Settlement Broker or Yours?

Posted in General Litigation
We all have been in negotiations that involve structured settlement proposals, and almost all plaintiffs’ attorneys have relationships with structured settlement brokers. Inevitably, when it’s time to place a structured settlement, the plaintiffs’ attorneys insist on using the structured settlement broker with whom they have a relationship. At first glance, this may not appear to… Continue Reading

Discovery Deconstructed

Posted in General Litigation
Every product liability defense attorney has heard a phrase like this at the end of a deposition of a corporate representative: “This witness did not have adequate knowledge; this deposition is not over. I (plaintiff’s counsel) reserve my right to pursue further depositions of company representatives…” and so on.… Continue Reading

Welcome to Wilson Elser’s Product Liability Blog

Posted in General Litigation
Our goal is to share the insights of our more than 100 experienced product liability defense attorneys from 24 strategically-located offices throughout the United States. We will identify topics that are relevant to the substantive and procedural aspects of product liability defense. We will invite discussion among product liability claims handlers and defense counsel.… Continue Reading