Product Liability Advocate

Product Liability Advocate

Richard H. Rubenstein (New York, NY)

Richard H. Rubenstein (New York, NY) Richard H. Rubenstein principally practices in the area of product liability defense, with a focus on gray market products originating from Japan. He also has experience in the prosecution of trademark infringement actions.

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A “Good” Deed Goes Unpunished

Posted in Agricultural and farm equipment, Product Liability
Alabama Supreme Court Rejects “Good Samaritan” Liability in Gray Market Case Last month, I wrote about the “Good Samaritan” rule, codified in Restatement (Second) of Torts, section 324A, “Liability to Third Persons for Performance of Undertaking.” In that post, I discussed how plaintiffs have tried to impose liability on manufacturers and distributors of products based… Continue Reading

Is There Anything “Good” about the “Good Samaritan” Rule?

Posted in Product Liability
Every first-year law student can recite the “Good Samaritan” rule: The ordinary bystander has no legal duty to rescue a drowning person, but if you voluntarily undertake the duty to rescue her, you must not be negligent in your efforts. This rule also has applications in the products liability arena where a defendant implements post-sale… Continue Reading